в: 16 Nov 2016 [14:27]
исправлено: 16 Nov 2016 [14:33]
Manjaks123 banned me with no reason.
The player sanctioned me only because he felt like it and I do not think that should be owned by a designated moderator I think he should be degraded from his post by banning whoever he wants without having any reason.
And I am so disgusting for the treatment towards me the player named die123 connected with manjaks123 only to silence me because he wanted and felt the desire to do so

Here the evidence: http://imgur.com/a/CX0gE

Greetings to the ADM, please do the correct.
в: 16 Nov 2016 [14:37]
исправлено: 16 Nov 2016 [14:40]
14:14:10 closer > [die123,mortolkombat] but in real life yours are a fat guy behind a computer eating all day

You think this it normal yes? MOD can banned you if you say someting bad for him because he cant put anywan player in ignor.
в: 16 Nov 2016 [14:42]
исправлено: 16 Nov 2016 [14:43]
But there you was not with the MOD player so it does not count as if in the MOD because you are not in your player of MOD so if you can ignore me at the moment that you want(:s1:) For me I was talking to a normal player and a player with MOD privileges came in and I was silent for talking to ANOTHER person
в: 16 Nov 2016 [14:57]
But you now when i am die123 kikstar18 there to not have MOD but i cant put players in ignore, and all now it ther play I. And if player know it when there play MOD in some else profil they not say anyting bad. Because need to think what you say. Thats all(:s1:)
в: 16 Nov 2016 [15:18]
Yes but i don't know you was manjaks123 You don't told me is not my fault To my point of view so i say again, I am in my right to say what I want to a normal player, I did not know that you were a MOD because you were with another player and did not know that you were MANJAKS123 so it is not my fault
в: 16 Nov 2016 [15:24]
look in your picture and reed all carefully. I said you there who i am but you answer my i kill your manjaks to.
в: 22 Nov 2016 [05:40]
already MOD can't banned or mute you for talk in private, all MODS know that, gringo know it, russians mod know it too, sorry but manjaks is bad, he can't mute closer for talk in private. sorry, but I talk with the true, MODS can't ban or mute for talk in private. it happened to me when kkkkk insult me sending picture to all russians MOD and they said they can't mute for talk in private. so I go to ask to gringo because keita mute darkmorg for talk in private, and gringo said, keita don't know about MOD can't mute in private. and it he said it was true, MODS can't mute someone for talk in private. wrong for manjaks.
в: 22 Nov 2016 [05:44]
and if manjaks said MODS can mute for talk in private then ADM need start to watch what are doing MODS because are breaking rulers and saying lie to players. in any case, is the word of 4 MODS who said MODS can't mute in private vs the word of one MOD who mute players for talk in private.
в: 22 Nov 2016 [05:48]
жаль москвы игроков, которые читают эту.
Я пишу на английском языке closer.
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